Treasury Department

TAX DUE DATES: Interim – due the end of March (35% of previous years’ taxes billed)

Final – The FINAL notice for Residential, Farm and Managed Forest properties will be mailed in June with installments due the end of June and September. The FINAL notice for Commercial and Industrial properties will be mailed in September due the end of September.

Payment may be made by mail or by cheque at the Municipal Office by cheque, cash or debit.
Payment may also be made at most financial institutions in Canada or by telephone internet banking. Interest will be charged if payment is not received by the due date.

*Please contact Shannon Burke-Campoli by email or phone for any questions regarding your tax bill.

Legislation mandates that all municipalities must have an Asset Management Plan. The Province requires an up to date plan as a part of their criteria for any funding opportunities.

In 2013 the Municipality of Madoc undertook an Asset Management Plan which can be provided upon request.

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