Fire Department

The Fire Department has 1 Hall

  • The hall is located at 15651 Highway 62 in Madoc, ON. This hall contains two truck bays, a washroom, a meeting room, a lunch room and one office.
  • The Fire Department consists of a team of 24 firefighters. The volunteer Fire Chief was appointed in February, 2010. The officers include a Deputy Fire Chief, three Captains and one Lieutenant.
  • The Township of Madoc is part of the Mutual Aid Agreement with Tudor and Cashel. Mutual aid can be activated during times of natural or man-made emergencies.

Mutual Aid is activated during a major emergency where the situation cannot be contained or controlled with the available resources of the home fire department. The home fire department calls for mutual aid to coordinate efforts in order to minimize loss of life and property and damage to the environment through efficient utilization of the fire departments and other resources.

The Township of Madoc also has Agreements with Centre Hastings and Tweed fire departments for fires in areas where one fire department can arrive on scene faster due to the distance from the fire hall. The home fire department remains on scene to handle the emergency.


The Fire Department is dispatched through Belleville Dispatch.


The Township of Madoc has a burning by-law in effect for open air fires and campfires. The by-law stipulates permitted burning times. All fires must be confined to an area no greater than three (3) meters by three (3) meters and must be attended at all times by one or more persons 19 years of age or older. The Fire Chief, Deputy Chief or assign may issue an order at his discretion to restrict or ban any fires in the Township of Madoc, if in his opinion, climatic conditions are such that a severe or extreme risk of fire may exist which could pose a threat to public safety or property.

Complaints regarding campfires/open air fires or smoke from campfires/open air fires should be reported to Fire Dispatch. Fire Dispatch will then contact the Fire Chief. The Fire Chief or his alternate will attend the burn site to determine if the by-law has been violated and if the fire must be extinguished due to safety or smoke issues.

For more detailed information, please contact the Fire Department at 613-473-2677. A copy of the Fire Control By-Law can be obtained below.