Building Department

Building Services for the Township of Madoc is provided through a joint Building Inspection Building Board which includes Stirling/Rawdon, Tyendinaga, Deseronto, Tweed and Madoc Township. It is managed through Stirling Rawdon and the joint board. Building Inspection staff are in Madoc Township one day per week to facilitate building service needs. Building Department hours for the Madoc Township Office will be: Wednesdays 1:00pm to 4:00pm.

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The Building Section is responsible for administering building and plumbing permits under the Ontario Building Code Act. This includes:

  • meeting with clients to review Building Code and application requirements;
  • reviewing and processing building permit applications and building plans;
  • collecting building permit fees and Development Charges
  • conducting site inspections for Building Code compliance; and
  • responding to inquires from citizens, builders and others regarding the Building Code and the Municipal building and development program.

Building and plumbing permit fee revenues pay for all costs (wages, benefits, vehicle expenses, etc.) associated with providing the Council approved levels of building inspection service in the municipality. Any revenue surplus in any given year is placed in a reserve for use only by the Building Section in future years.

Richard Cook – Chief Building Official
Skylar Genereaux – Deputy Chief Building Official

Phone: 1-866-414-0088
Phone: 613-473-2677