Bylaws & Bylaw Enforcement

By-law Enforcement is primarily on a “reactive basis” (complaint driven) rather than a proactive basis. Whenever possible, by-law enforcement staff will utilize conciliation and negotiations to obtain compliance to the intent of the Township’s by-laws rather than having the matter proceed unnecessarily to the Courts.

The By-law Enforcement Section is responsible for the enforcement of a number of Municipal by-laws:

  • administration and enforcement of municipal by-laws;
  • conducting site inspections for by-law compliance;
  • taking action on complaints that are received; and
  • discussing possible by-law infractions and determination of need for enforcement.

General Bylaws

Zoning By-Laws

Madoc Township Zoning By-Law Table of Contents

Section 3 Definitions Part 1

Section 3 Definitions Part 2

Section 4 Administration

Section 5 General Provisions Part 1

Section 5 General Provisions Part 2

Section 6 Rural

Section 7 Rural Residential

Section 8 Limited Service Residential

Section 9 Waterfront Residential

Section 10 Residential First Density

Section 11 Residential Second Density

Section 12 Multiple Residential

Section 13 Commercial

Section 14 Recreational-Resort Commercial

Section 15 Industrial

Section 16 Mineral Extractive

Section 17 Mining

Section 18 Waste Disposal

Section 19 Community Facility

Section 20 Group HomeSection

21 Open Space

Section 22 Environmental Protection Wetland

Section 23 Environmental Protection