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2004-10-25 - Minutes of October 25

Regular Meeting 12:00 Noon October 25, 2004

Present - Reeve R. Sager, Deputy Reeve M. Sniderhan, Councillors L. Blackburn,
G. Hazlett, L. Rollins

Also attending - Road Superintendent T. Bruce
- Chief Building Official D. Keller

The meeting was called to order by Reeve Sager at 12:00 Noon.

There were no declarations of possible conflict of interest.

The Reeve addressed Council to advise that the conduct of some members of Council at
the previous meeting was unacceptable and would not be tolerated. He indicated that
sanctions that were available to him, as Reeve, and advised that should the decorum of
Council be breached as it was previously, he would not hesitate to exercise them.

Blackburn-Sniderhan - that Council adopt the minutes of the previous meetings as
circulated. Carried.

Road Superintendent Tom Bruce attended Council to discuss current matters. He
indicated that the road extension and turnaround seemed to be properly done. He
recommended that the top layer of gravel need not be placed until Spring. He also
indicated that for the purposes of civic addressing, Council would have to determine a
name for this new road. It was suggested that it could merely be an extension of Jarvis

Blackburn-Hazlett - that a water cooler be purchased for the use of staff. Carried.

Councillor Rollins indicated that he would like the Road Superintendent to clean the
culvert on Cooper Road near Mr. Cronkright’s property. He suggested that the silt
washes through on the west side of the culvert. He indicated that he had brought this to
Council’s attention at the September meeting and, as yet, no action had been taken.
Councillor Rollins indicated that it would be helpful to have an estimate of the costs of
construction and maintenance of both loose top and hardtop roads.
The Road Superintendent confirmed that the fall Road Tour was still on schedule for
November 15 at 9:00 a.m..
The Road Superintendent also indicated that, due to the increase in the cost of crude oil
pricing, surface treatment and paving costs are liable to rise significantly.


Regular Meeting Pg. 2 October 25, 2004

Rollins-Hazlett - that the Road Superintendent proceed with the bridge inspections as
required. Carried.

The Chief Building Official attended Council to update them on the status of current
issues facing the department. He was asked by Council whether he was in favour of
changes in the methods of providing the building inspection function as currently under
consideration by a County Strategic Planning Committee. Mr. Keller indicated that he
felt the service was being provided probably as effectively and inexpensively as possible
at this time. He indicated that in some cases, municipalities may need to look at sharing
of the function to adequately provide it.

Hazlett-Blackburn - that the report of the Chief Building Official be approved as
circulated. Carried.

Sniderhan-Rollins - that the report of the Animal Control Officer be accepted as
circulated. Carried.

The Clerk indicated that on Wednesday, Oct. 27 the Advisory Council on Drinking Water
Quality and Testing Standards will be meeting at Quinte Conservation Authority
Boardroom to hear submissions and advised that, since he will be in Belleville at another
meeting that day, he would appreciate the opportunity to sit in briefly. Council

Sniderhan-Rollins - that the correspondence items be received and filed by the Clerk.

Rollins-Blackburn - that the minutes of the library board be approved as circulated.

Blackburn-Hazlett - that the minutes of the Centre Hastings Medical Centre be approved.

Council members discussed use of the Eldorado Hall in light of the unavailability of the
two smaller community centres. Council generally agreed that functions could be held at
Eldorado at the current rates in effect.

Blackburn-Sniderhan - - to approve the accounts in the amount of $54,584.92. Carried.

Rollins-Hazlett - that Council reply to the municipality of Centre Hastings with respect to
the additonal conditions that they wished included in the proposed agreement with them
for properties adjacent Mackenzie Street that Council does not wish to alter the proposal
in the manner requested by the Municipality of Centre Hastings. Carried.


Regular Meeting Pg. 3 October 25, 2004

Council discussed a number of issues relating to the operation of the community
recreation facilities.

Rollins-Blackburn - that the municipality contact the Hart’s-Riggs’ W.I. and the Cooper
Community Centre to advise that it is necessary to winterize the Halls and, unless
otherwise directed, the Township will proceed to winterize the facility. Carried.

Rollins-Hazlett - that Council go into by-laws. Carried

1118-2004 - given three readings to authorize the Reeve and Clerk to enter into an
Agreement with the Centre and South Hastings Recycling Board.

Rollins-Blackburn - that Council resume. Carried.

Sniderhan-Blackburn - that Council supports the proposal for Fire Protection developed
between the Fire Chiefs of Madoc Township and the Municipality of Tweed. Carried.

Hazlett-Blackburn - that Council do adjourn. Carried.

______________________________ _____________________________
Reeve Clerk

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