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2004-08-03 - Regular Meeting

Regular Meeting 7:30 p.m. August 3, 2004

Present - Reeve R. Sager, Deputy Reeve M. Sniderhan, Councillors L. Blackburn,
L. Rollins, G. Hazlett

Also attending - Tom Bruce, Road Superintendent

Delegations - Mr. Randy Rowe

The meeting was called to order at the conclusion of the Public Meeting held
immediately prior.

There was no disclosure of any pecuniary interest by any member present.

Rollins-Blackburn - that the minutes of the July Committee of the Whole and the July
meeting of Council be adopted as circulated. Carried.

Road Superintendent advised Council that a great deal of the current road department
budget is being used for maintenance of the former ‘County’ roads. He also advised of
the ongoing maintenance and safety checking of the existing equipment. He related an
incident to Council on July 30 whereby a resident of the municipality was loading scrap
metal with a transport truck partly on the roadway including one of the outriggers on the
truck crane.

Rollins-Hazlett - that the municipality write to Mr. Carl Card on Bannockburn Road to
advise that it has come to the attention of Council that he currently has a number of
apparently derelict vehicles on his property which is currently not zoned for use as a
salvage yard and that it will be necessary for him to bring himself into conformity with
the provisions of the By-law. Carried.

The Road Superintendent was advised by Council members of a number of concerns
expressed by Township residents including locations on Dingman St., Pigden Road and
Stl. Lawrence St. W.

Blackburn-Sniderhan - that the municipality send a letter to Upper Canada Minerals to
advise that Council members have become aware of occasions upon which their firm has
had a piece of heavy machinery unloaded and operated on the Township road surface,
most notably, a large track backhoe. They are to be further advised that, should this
practice continue, Council may proceed to ensure that means are place to more
adequately discourage such actions. Carried.

Rollins-Blackburn - that the report of the Chief Building Official be approved as
presented. Carried.


Regular Meeting Pg. 2 August 3, 2004

Mr. Randy Rowe attended Council to ask whether Council would be in favour of closing
the part of the north-south road allowance between Lot 5, Concession 2 on Jarvis Road.

Sniderhan-Rollins - that the report of the Animal Control officer be adopted as circulated.

Sniderhan-Rollins - to invite a representative from the Centre Hastings Support Network
to the next regular meeting of Council, further to their correspondence. Carried.

Hazlett-Sniderhan - that the remainder of the correspondence items be received and filed.

Blackburn-Rollins - that the minutes of the Madoc Township Recreation Committee be
approved as circulated. Carried.

Upon review of the minutes of the Centre Hastings Medical Centre Board, members of
Council questioned whether it was appropriate or possibly in conflict of interest for Mr.
Tony Long to be a member of the Board. Deputy Reeve Sniderhan will take these
concerns to the next meeting of the Board. Councillor Rollins questioned whether
municipalities of Tudor & Cashel and Tweed had paid their share to the Centre Hastings
Medical Centre Board as previously discussed earlier this year.

Hazlett-Blackburn - that the minutes of the Medical Centre Board meeting be approved
as circulated. Carried.

Sniderhan-Rollins- that the accounts of the municipality be paid as listed on the July
voucher in the total amount of $141,478.02. Carried.

Rollins-Blackburn - that the Tax Collector be advised that, in the absence of any change
in status, to let the Sevens’ Restaurant situation lapse rather than vest the property with
the municipality and its associated costs and benefits and that a committee of Council,
namely Councillors Rollins and Hazlett be struck to pursue this property situation.

Members of Council discussed the situation of the water testing at the municipal halls,
particularly Cooper Community Centre and Hart’s-Riggs’ W.I. Hall.

Rollins-Sniderhan - that the Council hold a Public Meeting to discuss the situation at the
municipal halls in the Township of Madoc, particularly with respect to water, testing and
Regulation 170/03 and that our M.P.P. and Minister of the Environment, Leona
Dombrowsky be invited to the meeting. Carried.


Sniderhan-Blackburn - that Council go into by-laws. Carried.

1114-2004 - stop signs - Crystal Beach Rd X Pitts Landing Road
1116-2004 - stop signs - Scotch Settlement Road X O’Hara Road ( 2 locations)
1115-2004 - stop signs - Cedar School Road X Remington Road

All by-laws were given three readings and passed. Carried.

Hazlett-Sniderhan - that Council resume. Carried.

Blackburn-Rollins - that Consents B95/04 and B96/04 be approved as circulated
providing the appropriate Development Charges are paid. Carried.

Rollins-Blackburn - that the regular November Council meeting will be rescheduled
to October 25, 2004 from November 1, 2004.

Rollins-Sniderhan - that Council go into caucus. Carried.

Hazlett-Blackburn - that Council resume. Carried.

Sniderhan-Blackburn - that the Clerk proceed as directed in caucus. Carried.

Rollins-Blackburn - that Council do adjourn. Carried.

_________________________________ __________________________
Reeve Clerk

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