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About Madoc

The Township of Madoc derived it's name from Lord Madoc of Wales. It's settlement has been rapid, and commenced about the year 1830. In the heart of Hastings County, Madoc Township covers an area of 28,583 hectares on the edge of the Canadian Shield. This geographical location provides contrasts throughout the municipality - from good open farm fields to dense stands of mature hard woods.

The economy of Madoc Township is, not surprisingly, resource-based. Logging is constant during the winter months in the north part of the township to feed the mills at the south end. A marble mill produces the popular chips and dust from numerous quarries around the area. Beef, dairy and hog farming are done on a scale with several employees. Cheese is made in Eldorado with locally produced milk. The maple bushes of the township are active each spring. Some of the finest maple syrup in Canada is produced here.

Whether your interests are in history, recreation, shopping for home-grown products or just a leisurely drive along the scenic side roads, you won't be disappointed in our municipality; the Township with the Heart of Gold.

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